Trimley Marshes and Loompit Lake

OS Explorer Map 197 coordinates 2836 for Trimley station near the start of the track. Loompit lake is at coordinates 2538.

This ride didn’t go at all to plan, but that’s ok, its all part of the fun. I left a note in the kitchen with my route plan which was Felixstowe Landguard point, across Felixstowe to Felixstowe Ferry then home via the Kingsfleet track, Falkenham and Kirton. Somehow on my way to Felixstowe I went through Kirton into Trimley and spotted a footbridge over the A14 I hadn’t noticed before, so off I went. Then there was a sign for some national cycle route or the other and I found myself at Trimley Marshes. I could see the port but I ended up on the north side near the container park and decided to abandon seeing Landguard point for now and head up river alongside the Orwell towards Levington.

It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning and I was feeling pleased with how adventurous I’ve got in my middle-age. I stopped for a drink and climbed up the bank to have a look across the Orwell to Shotley. Then I thought this would be a really bad place to get a puncture, and I got one.

The track was badly rutted at this point and I was pushing anyway so I went on for a bit and pumped up the tyre which wasn’t going down too fast so I reckoned I could keep going….then I changed my mind. 11 miles from home and too nervous to take the tyre off to fix the puncture in case I couldn’t get it back on again I wimped out, turned right at Loompit Lake, called the cavalry to meet me in Trimley and got a ride home.

I’m going back, with my new puncture proof tyres, and will follow the track all the way to Levington marina and Ipswich.


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