Rushmere, Playford and Tuddenham track

OS Explorer 197 coordinates 205 467 just ahead of  ‘The Oaks” marks the start of a series of tracks that criss cross the farmland between Rushmere, Playford and Tuddenham St Martin. My bike is a hybrid, its somewhere between a mountain bike and a road bike, and it coped fine.

As you ride towards Playford you cross the railway line and if you look west you can see two bridges, the furthest away being Westerfield. I wandered around the tracks (farm, not railway) for a bit and came out on Grundisburgh Rd in Tuddenham. I know my way home on the road from there so I turned left towards Ipswich but just a little further on there was another inviting track on the left by Church Farm so I went down there instead.

On the map the bit between Church Farm and Playford is a diamond marked “National Trail” . Its a little steep in places but there’s no issue with getting off and pushing for a bit.

I can’t remember where I went exactly. I wandered around for a couple of hours. I had to double back at Tuddenham water treatment works because there was a stile I didn’t fancy trying to get my bike over, so I ended up going back to the railway bridge, Rushmere and home.

This ride was a real mystery tour. I’d set off just wanting a ride and not sure where I would go but because I turned into Playford Lane, by the baptist church in Rushmere, I found this great set of tracks and only had to share them with one jogger, two horses, and a nice chap who looked a bit like Santa Claus who said good morning as I went over the railway bridge.


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