Waldringfield crab catching

OS Explorer map 197 Waldringfield coordinates 285 445, Martlesham Heath coordinates 245 555

This is an easy lunchtime ride for me of about 11 miles. There’s only one small hill towards the Waldringfield golf club and your reward will be the beach by the Deben, or the Maybush pub, or both.

With BT Adastral Park on your left ride along the path past the Brightwell bus cafe. When you join the road turn left and follow signs to Waldringfield. Follow the road through Waldringfield until you hit the river, just past the Maybush, and there’s nowhere else to go. There’s a bit of beach and the sailing club to the right and the boat yard to your left.

If you’re lucky and the water’s far enough out there might be some kids crab catching which is fun to watch. Or if you want to take part bring a small net bag (as comes with washing powder tablets), a pebble for a weight, some bacon for bait and a long bit of string tied onto the bag. Hurl the weighted bag out into the river. Don’t let go of the string. Wait for a tug then gently pull ’em in. Its possible to catch a few crabs in one go. If you’ve no bucket, and if you arrived on a bike that seems likely, set up a crab race back to the water.

I was there at high tide today, around 1pm, but there was enough sandy space to get my bike down onto the beach and lean it on the fence while I had a snack (it was lunchtime, I can go more than 6 miles without needing to eat).

I came back a diferent route going past Hemley then through Newbourne and Martlesham Heath.  Just look at how blue the sky was today. Oh and there was another hill, up past Waldringfield church towards Hemley. Piece of cake. Or was that what I had for lunch.


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