Martlesham Creek

OS Explorer Map 212 coordinates 26 47.

Martlesham creek sounds to me like there should be gold diggers working in it, but I don’t believe there are. Near the creek the map shows the interestingly named “Troublesome Reach” and “Mean High Water” which kind of adds to the wild west vibe. I walked here a couple of years ago and I’d been wondering if I could get my bike along the narrow overgrown nettle and bramble strewn path. Turns out I could but there was more pushing than riding.

From Kesgrave I rode to Sandy Lane in Martlesham and turned right at Woodbridge water treatment works,  (OS coordinates 259 475 “Sluice Farm”). After about 50 yards I got off and started pushing and that was how it was all the way to Kyson Point.

When you get through the bushy green tunnel (its not actually a tunnel, it just feels like one) you will see the creek and Martlesham Creek Boatyard ahead of you. The path forks left for Kyson Point and Woodbridge and right for Martlesham via some woodland and Walk Farm. Today I went left, I’ll try going right another day.

The path is narrow and overgrown in lots of places. When you get alongside the creek and later the Deben the banks are steep and the track gravelly. I didn’t fancy falling off into the mud so I stayed on foot.

From Kyson Point I followed Sandlings Walk into Woodbridge then found my way back to the main road via The Tea Hut and Kingston Fields. Then it was the three hill ride home; main road out of Woodbridge uphill, Sandy Lane uphill then the Red Lion uphill, biggest of the lot but at least it has a cycle lane.

This trip was about 10 miles and very peaceful, just a few walkers and dogs and me.  I’ll go back with binoculars some time because there are some great spots for birdwatching.

I have some nettle stings and bramble scratches on my legs and I’ve checked my tyres for holes, fingers crossed there aren’t any.  There was noone else on a bike trying to get along there, I think I know why.

PS. Since I wrote this I’ve been reading about Martlesham Creek and I’ve found out that the beach at Kyson Point is not accessible at high tide, so you might want to check the tide tables before you go. I guess all the times I’ve been there I’ve just got lucky.


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