OS Explorer Map 211 coordinates 17 63

I accidentally bought the “all weather” version of this map, which means its plasticised, which is great for holding off rain but rubbish for folding out to the little bit I was interested in today.

I’ve been wanting to ride to Debenham for a while firstly because its the source of the Deben and secondly because I’m planning to ride to Norwich and this would be the first part of my route.

This was a very simple ride all on good roads with little traffic and 16 miles each way from Kesgrave. There are a few gentle hills to go up and down (one steep one at Otley where I gave in and pushed) and a lot of open stubbly farmland to look at. I didn’t look at the map in the end I just worked it out as I went along and my route was:

Kesgrave, Playford, Culpho, Grundisburgh, Otley, Helmingham, Framsden, Winston and Debenham.

There’s a windmill at Framsden and I’d have stopped for a closer look but there was a huge unfriendly ‘PRIVATE’ sign in front of it. Never mind, Buttrum’s mill at Woodbridge is much more handsome anyway.

On another day with more time I’d have wandered a bit, probably had a look at Helmingham Hall and stopped for a drink at a pub or a tea shop. Sadly no rivers or sea to look at today. I think I’ve learned that I need a bit of watery scenery for a really really good ride.


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