Landguard Point, Felixstowe

OS Explorer Map 197 coordinates 28 31 for Landguard Point.

This was 31 miles with great views of the port, the fort and a wander around Landguard nature reserve. The route description is appropriately long and winding, so here are the picures if you’d rather just admire the view.

I’m going to try to describe how I got there from Kesgrave, and back again, but its going to be tricky to remember it all. I might have to do the ride again then come back and update these notes, but here goes.

Kesgrave to Martlesham then past Adastral Park and the Brightwell bus cafe, right then quick left towards Brightwell and Felixstowe. There’s a cycle route marker that says Felixstowe 7 miles.

Down and up the Brightwell dip (you’ll know it when you get there) and on to Trimley St Martin. I crossed over the A14 on the roundabout, not recommended, take the cycle route over the footbridge before you get that far. Follow the cycle route signs (NCR 41) to Felixstowe that take you through Trimley. I get cross going through here because there are always cars parked in the cycle lane grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The simplest thing to do next might have been carry on straight along High Road/High Street to the crossroads and turn right over the bridge (Garrison Lane/Langer Road/A154, signposted to seafront) go straight over the next roundabout, by Lidl, then follow signs to Landguard Point, but I didn’t do that.

From High Road Trimley I turned right into Station Road which becomes Cordy’s Lane. Not long after that the road becomes track and you’ll see a sign to Fagbury Point. Don’t go that way, I’ve made that mistake before and ended up the wrong side of the port, go straight on.

I thought by going straight on I could follow a track around the back of the port and come out at Landguard Point. I did, eventually, after a big tour of some woods, farmland and residential areas. Luckily for me NCR 51 goes through the houses and I was able to follow the signs all the way to View Point Road. Then I knew where I was having been here before in the car. Big smile, finally made it here on the bike, yippee!

View Point Road takes you down to Landguard Point. NCR 51 would put you on the ferry to Harwich, when its running, otherwise the land based NCR 51 runs out at the right hand side of the car park.

Delighted to have arrived and still feeling fit and energetic I rode around the common for a bit. I hadn’t expected to be able to do that but there’s a lot of concrete track and even a smart new looking wooden track over the shingle. Watch out though, it comes to a sudden end and there’s no drop kerb.

I rode off the common and cycled past the fort to the view point and had a bacon roll and a cup of tea for £3 from the Crow’s Nest. Then it was time to go home.

I recommend you follow NCR 51 back through Felixstowe and out towards Trimley then switch to NCR 41 which takes you through the houses towards the footbridge over the A14 then Kirton and Newbourne. Don’t do what I did, which was soon after leaving Landguard Point turned left into Walton Avenue and ended up on the A14/A154 roundabout. Too busy and too scary on a bike! I bailed out, crossed the dual carriageway (pushing) and went past McDonalds and up Peewit hill, which eventually led me back to NCR 51 and home via Kirton and Newbourne.

Phew, made it.


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