Ipswich marina, Holywells and Nacton

This ride owes a lot to the Ipswich Cycle Route Map (a freebie) and Sustrans NCR routes 1 and 51. I did 20 miles today, most of it on well mapped and signposted NCRs. I set out for Ipswich marina just because I fancied a look around with not much idea about where I would go after that.

From Kesgrave NCR 1 takes you right into Ipswich. Near Star Lane you pick up NCR 51 which takes you to the marina then you’ve got a choice of NCR 1 again, for the Chantry side of Ipswich, west of the Orwell, or NCR 51 east which if you followed it all the way would take you to Felixstowe or even across the Orwell to Harwich, on the ferry.

I got to the marina no trouble at all and had a look at a lot of expensive yachts, smart cafes and bright artwork that distracts you from some of the slightly unfinished bits. After the marina I went to Holywells Park, Landseer Park then onto Nacton via the Gainsborough bit of Ipswich.

At Nacton I left NCR 51 and rode through the village to the A1156 and picked up Straight Road to Foxhall and home. Its the usual story, on another day with more time I’d have followed NCR 51 all the way to Landguard Point.

Brilliant. Thanks Sustrans for the signposting and SCC for the freebie map.


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