Iken and Snape Maltings

OS Explorer Map 212 coordinates 41 56 for Iken, 39 57 for Snape Maltings

I’ve wanted to ride to Iken since I saw a beautiful photograph looking across the River Alde to Iken church. I wanted to see that river view for myself so decided to head for Iken church and take things from there.

I rode from Kesgrave to Woodbridge and across the Wilford Bridge then left towards Rendlesham. I stayed on the B1084 towards Rendlesham forest and then followed signs to Orford. I went through Butley then Chillesford until I got to Five Cross Ways. From there I went straight ahead towards Sudbourne and a lovely misty view of the church. I followed the lanes through Iken taking a right turn at the ‘church only’ sign. I pushed my bike around to the back of the church but didn’t get the river view I was looking for.

I doubled back then turned right and rode past Iken Hall. It was right again and downhill into Iken Cliff picnic site. At the bottom of the car park the Suffolk coastal path was waiting for me. This is marked on the OS map with green diamonds. I could see Snape Maltings in the distance and pushed my bike the couple of miles to get there. I could have ridden  most of the path but there were a few ruts and holes to be wary of. Walking meant I could look up instead of down and appreciate the scenery better.

Snape Maltings was hosting a food festival and was packed with people and all kinds of food and drink stalls. I settled for a cup of tea and considered my route home. I went left out of Snape Maltings towards Tunstall then Woodbridge along the A1152. Then it was my usual ride through Woodbridge and out via Sandy Lane and then Red Lion hill and home. Another day I will carry on through Snape to Aldeburgh.

This ride was 37 miles in lovely autumn sunshine with a nice cooling breeze. Out and back I spotted some new riding possibilities…Blaxhall, Aldeburgh, Butley and Bentwaters parks to name just a few.  Bit sleepy now but looking forward to getting out again as soon as possible.


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