Debach, Wickham Market and Ufford

OS Explorer Map 212 Debach Airfield is at coordinates 235 545

I’ve signed up for the Suffolk Sunrise 100 next year so today I decided to go out and find the start point, Debach (that’s ‘Debbidge’ in case you’re wondering) Airfield, and have a bit of a look at that part of the route. (I’ve since looked at the Sunrise 100 website which now says Start/Finish to be confirmed).

From Kesgrave I rode to Grundisburgh and out the other side on the B1079 towards Clopton. I turned right at Drab’s Lane and rode past Grove Farm to the junction with the ‘Roman Road’, aka B1078. I turned right and soon saw signs to Debach Airfield Museum on the right. Soon after you turn right the road forks left to an industrial estate and right towards the airfield. A bumpy potholed boneshaking 5 minutes later I was at a locked gate but I could see the airfield hut in the distance. At least I know where it is now. I also know its 10 miles from home so if this is the start point I think I’ll be driving to and from with my bike on the rack.

I turned around back to the main road and continued right towards Wickham Market. I stopped for a look at Deben Mill from Wickham Bridge then turned around and picked up the B1438 through Wickham Market. Another day I’ll come back and look at Charsfield and Easton which are on the Sunrise route.

Out of Wickham Market I turned left off the B1438 towards Lower Ufford which was leafy, peaceful and muddy due to tractors plodding up and down. I had a look at the stocks outside St Mary’s Church then picked up the road towards Bromeswell. That took me over a little old brick bridge and a bit of the Deben I haven’t seen before. On the map its Bridge Road that goes over the river and the railway line judder judder. I turned right off Bridge Road towards Bromeswell. Straight on was Eyke, I’ll have a look down there another day.

Common Lane through Bromeswell brought me out onto the B1084 and a right turn towards the Wilford Bridge, Woodbridge and home via my usual Sandlings Walk, Broom Heath and Sandy Lane route.

28 miles in the gorgeous autumn sunshine and I’m on track with my training plan.


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