OS Explorer Map 197 coordinates 285 445 for the Maybush pub and waterfront.

This is my  regular ride to Waldringfield, blogged not because its new but to record how bright and blue the River Deben was in December.

For the record, the ride goes from Kesgrave to Adastral Park then alongside the A14 past what was the Brightwell Bus Cafe but is now the Holeshot Cafe, its still in a bus.  Turn left towards Waldringfield and keep going until you get to the Maybush pub and the River Deben. The water was well in today, no walking on the beach or sitting on the bench which you can see mainly submerged in one of the photos.

I came back via Hemley, Newbourne and Adastral Park.

12 miles, not far, but I’m very happy to have got out in the winter sunshine, its been a couple of weeks and I have missed riding my bike.


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