Framlingham College

I’ve been to Framlingham before on the old bike (see Framlingham Castle post). This was the first time on the new bike, the first time I’ve gone as far as the college AND my first ride powered by raspberry lucozade and jelly beans.

This is more training notes for me than a route guide suffice to say 36 miles round trip roughly Kesgrave to Woodbridge then Wickham Market onto Framlingham. Through Fram to the college, look across the lake at the castle view. Back into Fram for a close look at the castle and some lucozade and a Trek bar. Out of Fram to Kettleburgh then back to Wickham Market. More lucozade and some jelly beans in the bus stop then home via Dallinghoo, Bredfield and Bealings.

Note to self….I’m fit enough I just need more fuel stops and to practice eating jelly beans on the move. Bring on the Suffolk Sunrise! Looking forward to it slightly more than dreading it now. 🙂


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