Kirton Creek

OS Explorer map 197 coordinates 286 423 for the track to Stoney Wood, on the right just past Hemley church.

This ride has been on my ‘to do’ list since @SuffolkCyclist described a route to Kirton Creek on my Hemley post. Now I’ve got the MTB I can do a bit of off road exploring so I set off on a sunny Sunday morning.

Past Hemley church I noticed that the straight ahead route to the Deben was blocked by a locked gate and a big ‘private no access to river’ sign. That’s disappointing but maybe it will be open another day. Its a dead end but I wanted to have my lunch there and maybe see an owl.

I turned around and found the track and headed off to Kirton Creek. That didn’t work out either. The sluice is being repaired and the notices say the path will be shut until 6th April 2012 or later. Its later as we’re well into May.  Just before the big fence blocking the footpath I climbed the bank and got a lovely view across the creek to the Deben. I’ll definitely be going back to explore the track onto Falkenham creek and hopefully all the way down to Felixstowe Ferry.

I had to retrace my steps to Hemley but rather than taking the road to Waldringfield I turned left along a wide track that went through Ranglins Wood, across Puddingpokes (really, look at the map!) and rejoined the road at Newbourne village hall. There were a couple of stiles and I’m grateful to the nice chap who lifted my bike over for me, otherwise I might have done my third U-turn of the day.

I covered 14 miles in a couple of hours. It didn’t work out as planned but it was fun and I’ll go back another day.


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